What you need to know about Karl Heideck
What you need to know about Karl Heideck

There are different kinds of attorneys. Those who represent personal injury clients, real estate firms and criminal clients are known as litigation attorneys. Also, you can refer to them as litigators. Their job entails preparing cases for trial. Most of the cases they handle never go to trial. Litigators offer options that allow the involved parties to settle their cases out of court.

Litigation attorneys work in bother government offices and private firms. The government litigators commonly serve as district attorneys and prosecutors. Those in private practice work at large law firms and boutique firms. Others choose to work on their own, so they aren’t permanent employees of any organizations. In big law firms, you’ll find litigation departments with sub-departments for different types of law like real estate, patents and business.

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A litigator works on cases in different phases. He/she starts by collecting evidence and records that can help him/her build a strong case. After getting all the necessary documents, litigation attorneys contact the other party with the aim of getting a settlement. These lawyers prefer settlements because it saves their clients time and money. Sometimes, however, they cannot reach a settlement with the defendant. So, they file motions with the court. Litigators are allowed to file multiple motions as long as they benefit the case.

After filing motions, litigators can proceed to prepare for trials. They exchange essential information with attorneys of the other party. This phase is followed by depositions, pretrial conferences and proceedings. Those involved in the case can still chose to reach a settlement in the pretrial stage. If no settlement is reached, they will proceed to trials. Ligation attorneys strive to build the best defense for their clients.

About Karl Heideck

According to his profile on Crunchbase, Karl Heideck is a contract lawyer. This means he offers his legal services on a contract basis. Karl Heideck has practiced law for several years, serving the people of Great Philadelphia. He has worked at Hire Counsel since 2015.

The contract attorney has an impressive academic background. In 2003, he graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA Hons degree. Later, in 2009, Karl Heideck earned a Juris Doctor from Temple University.