Investment banking involves making smart money decisions for clients. Here, financial experts advise clients on how best to invest their capital. Cassio Audi has more than two decades of experience in this area of investment banking.


Cassio Audi went to Universidada de, a university in the UAE, where he studied business administration and graduated with a Master’s degree in the same. He studied in ‘Pontificia Universidade Catolica’ and graduated with a first degree in 1994. Audi, has an impressive skill set that includes: tax planning, cash management, asset management, real estate purchase and sale and accounting.


Cassio has worked in a private company dealing in real estate. All the business related to investment, investor relations, fundraising and asset management are his area to execute in the company.

At Rossi Commercial, he was the principal financial officer from March 2012 to September of the same year. He served in a position similar to this one while working for ‘Brascan Brasil Real Estate Partners’. He worked there for two years starting from June 2006 to August of 2008.

He joint SAP as its HR Director from March 2008 and worked till August 2008. He has also worked for Gillette as its finance director. At FP&E he worked as the senior analyst.


In 2011, Audi was awarded for being the best CFO in the Latin American region. He was celebrated this way by ‘Institutional Investor Magazine’. A year before this celebrity, he was awarded by ‘Investment Relations Magazine’ for being the most improved IR. Since Audi, not being new to awards, had also clinched an award for creating ‘share holder value, for his employer.


Cassio Audi is not new to many who know about his musical days. In the late eighties he was a performing musician. He played drums for Viper for four years starting 1985. In 1985, he was also doing other projects such as ‘Projeto SP Metal’. He was a drummer for Killera Sword and ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’.