Jim Larkin is the icon behind the establishment of trade unions in Ireland. He was born in Liverpool on 21/1/1879.The parents carried him with them to Barren Down County. He was from a poor background. Therefore, he did not receive a lot of formal education. Jim began working at a young age to help support the parents in proving food.

He got a job at the docks where he was a sailor and later became the docks foreman. Jim Larkin discovered that he had passion in socialism. Therefore, he acquired membership with the Independent Labor Union.

Jim Larkin was starting to organize strikes at a young age. Together with his fellow firemen, they participated in an attack which caused him his job. The National Union of Dock saw his enthusiasm and decided to give him a temporary organizing position. Jim Larkin went to Belfast where he was to undertake his first official duty of organizing staff in Glasgow and Preston to participate in a strike against the immigration of Chinese.

The Chinese would make the foremen in the dockers would be reduced in number to create space for the employment of the Chinese.

Jim Larkin played another role in Belfast of bringing the Protestant and Roman Catholic together to participate in a strike. The act made him engage in an argument with NUDL secretary that made him leave the party. Learn more about Jim Larkin:  http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison and http://ireland-calling.com/james-larkin/

He, therefore, had an urge of forming his own party Irish Transport and General Workers Union. The party is present up to date but has a new name Services Industrial Professional and the Technical Union. Later, he formed the Ireland Union of Workers in 1908.

Jim Larkin moved to Dublin where he published a newspaper The Irish Worker and People’s Advocate. The paper mainly outlined own gain whereby he talked about politicians who were against him.

The paper’s name changed to New Ireland Echo following the authorities command. He became a member of the Dublin Corporation after being voted in by the civilians. However, this position was short-lived for him as he lost it as they realized he had a criminal record.

Jim Larkin moved to the United States with a thought of getting funds to support his union. Since he had a calling for activism, he joined the Socialist American Party.

Jim became a member of the Industrial Workers of the World Union who supported the Soviet Union that was against the Socialist American Party hence his expulsion. In the United States, he became part of the First World War.

It led to his involvement in an investigation of the Black Explosion where Jim Larkin provided evidence from Ireland. He became charged and taken to jail. Later, Jim Larkin was released and deported to Ireland. He died in 1947 while trying to make unions nationally recognized.