Fighting Against Fraud

As a woman she has faced the barriers often present in the finance industry but overcame them to stand out. The greatest highlights of her career lie in her position working for the Securities Exchange Commission as the Head of Enforcement. Working in the San Francisco branch of the SEC gave Helane Morrison incredible opportunities to help the American people protect themselves from predators within the financial industry.



When Journalist Steps Up To Fight Fraud

Prior to her service at the SEC Morrison had a career in journalism. This experience made exposing the truth a natural reflex in her. Within the 8 years she worked at the San Francisco office of the SEC she managed to accomplish a number of important tasks. She led investigations into fraud cases against Fortune 500 companies, illicit securities trades to military figures, and even exposed efforts to destroy evidence by many large companies. In 2007 Morrison retired from her position working for the SEC. Since then she has involved herself in the private finance industry working to improve the involvement of women in leadership positions within finance. Later on in 2007 she joined Hall Capital. Hallman Capital is a management firm serving a relatively wealthy clientele. Even nearly a decade after she retired from her position in the SEC her legacy is remembered.