In recent years it has become more common for businesses to launch philanthropic arms for a few different reasons. The first reason is to help out the broader community. Businesses also do so because it benefits them with more loyal customers and a better public image. In 2016 the American business community gave away around $19 billion to charities including those that are local, regional, national, and international in scope.

Texas-based Stream Energy is one of these companies that is giving back. They established Stream Cares through which they route their philanthropic dollars and efforts. They provide money for a number of charities and their employees and independent contractors donate their time. When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, for example, Stream Cares was one of the first philanthropic organizations to respond. Many of the employees and independent contractors of Stream Energy volunteered to help people who had their homes flooded or sustained other losses. They also provided financial assistance to people in the area, including their own companies who couldn’t pay their energy bills because of the hurricane’s effects.

Another nonprofit that Stream Cares provides ongoing financial assistance to is Hope Supply Co. Established in 1989, this nonprofit provides assistance to mothers and children who find themselves homeless in the greater Dallas region. One of the national charities that Stream Energy provides resources to is the American Red Cross.

Stream Energy is a company that does direct energy selling. The independent contractors that sell this company’s services work to build a network of customers who receive energy in their homes and businesses. They also provide a number of other services such as mobile phone plans and monitored security systems. Additionally, Stream Energy’s is increasingly offering smart home devices and services.

The independent contractors that work with Stream Energy receive a commission on every sale they make. They are basically self-employed entrepreneurs who set their own hours and decide for themselves how much they want to earn. When called upon they will often donate their time to a number of causes within the communities they live and work in.