Securus Technology has received praise and commendation for their continued devotion and commitment in providing excellent apps that help restore peace and justice in the country by curbing criminal acts in the country. Recently, the company received numerous emails that all agreed that the app launched had helped the prison cells identify criminal acts that were going on behind bars for years. Inmates and wardens who engaged in criminal offenses were caught using the app and justice bestowed upon them.



Mr Smith, Securus CEO agrees that they are on the forefront in providing solutions for both the inmates, their relatives and parole officers. Safety is the number one thing that motivates them to work hard and smarter to make sure that they feel safe and are safe at all times. Correctional facilities may result in the correction or bitterness, therefore, they want all the inmates to come out better reformed individuals.



Securus Technology was began thirty years ago and continues to expand their services across prison facilities in different states of the country. It is an innovative company that intends to curb crime both in the cells and outside. Their hard work and proficiency has been noticed by clients and also the Better Business Bureau. The BBB awarded them an A+ for their work. For them to serve all their customers well, the company introduced a call center that receives calls from all over the country and works at them as soon as possible.



Securus Technologies also announced that they would be purchasing the JPay Inc. a company that shares their dream and vision to provide excellent services to prison systems. JPay Inc. concentrates on developing creative systems and software that are used by inmates and their families to communicate and pay electronically. This acquisition will give Securus more solutions to help their clients.