Securus saving lives


Many people do not understand, and it is sort of oxymoron, but in the prison system, we as guards are charged with also solving and preventing crime. The difference is we are also guards, and being police is simply a fact of life for us. Additionally, preventing and solving crimes keeps us safe and the inmate population in general safer. Believe it or not, many inmates simply would like to do their time without incident, and we owe them to keep them as safe as possible, but a safe environment is beneficial for everyone.


However, the inmates bent on being nuisances or continuing their criminal ways have much time and many resources to refine their criminal efforts and abilities. They especially have to become adept at deceiving us, and they sue multiple ways in which to achieve this. This is not to mention that we are severely outnumbered by the convicted population and everyday duties require the proper attention, so it is simply a matter of odds and time for the inmates in finding opportunities to offend. Conversely, we are always looking for opportunities to get an advantage on these criminals that does not require extra time. Surveillance is great for this, and now certain technologies are making our efforts exceedingly successful.


Securus technologies provides us the software to apply digital solutions to our evidence gathering and surveillance capabilities. Now we are not subject to human mistakes, and the stakes could not be higher. Additionally, the metrics set forth to capture evidence of crimes in convict communications like phone calls could not be achieved with our human resources. It is important to point out that these matters saves lives including our lives which are in the gravest danger, so this is not mere software, it is an effective tool against the ravages of crime.