Paul Mampilly is a respected American investor. He is also a successful hedge fund manager. Over the years, the executive has won several awards. In addition, Paul Mampilly has appeared on multiple mainstream channels such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC to share his advice on wealth creation.

The proprietor of Profits Unlimited has more than 25 years of experience in the competitive financial industry. He started his financial career in 1991 by working for Deutsche Bank. Paul has managed accounts worth millions of dollars. Royal Bank of Scotland has greatly benefited from his services. Because of the accomplishments that Paul made in his vast career, Kinetics International Fund hired him to manage their operations. Notably; the hedge fund firm thrived under Paul’s transformative leadership.

Paul Mampilly has had success in making investments of his own in a number of companies, including Netflix. He shares his proven ideas to his subscribers by informing them on the companies that they can invest in and the right time to do so. While offering his investment advice, Mampilly emphasizes on three major areas, which are electric vehicles, precision medicine, and food deliver systems.

Notably, Mampilly likens electric vehicles to smart phones. According to him, things are constantly changing in the world. Owing to technological advancements, improvements are made to each product. The phones that were dominant in the market ten years ago are not the same gadgets dominating the market today. In a similar vein, Mampilly predicts that there will be a shift in the manner Americans buy their vehicles. He advises investors to pay more attention on companies that work on manufacturing electric cars.

Paul notes that the constant changes in technology also affect the healthcare system. Presently, researchers have turned their focus towards making precision medicine to be the set practice of medical care for all patients countrywide. The practice facilitates quicker diagnosis of serious problems and provides effective treatment choices. It is for this reason that Mampilly advises people to invest in genetic testing firms that focus on personalized medicine.

Paul remarked that in the past few years, different food delivery systems had emerged. He believes that the firms that engage in the development of food delivery systems would revolutionize the food delivery industry. The executive advises people to invest in the food delivery systems that offer healthy eating and convenience.