The annual Total Wealth Symposium traditionally has many key-note speakers discussing the important issues regarding investments that are of interest to audience members. In 2017, the attendees were able to record a 1,665 percent profit from topics discussed.

Therefore Paul Mampilly, along with his colleagues, has made a committed plan for the 2018 symposium. The commitment is to help each attendee position themselves to reach $1 million in earnings by the same time next year. Paul Mampilly is the current senior editor, and the founder, of Profits Unlimited. His specialty is in analyzing stocks that he believes will have an increase. Paul’s experience comes from managing portfolios worth millions of dollars for companies like Deutsche Bank, ING, Sears, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Read this article at

At last year’s symposium, Paul chose the topic of cybersecurity, which is something that is being discussed again this year. There are apparently many concerns regarding cybersecurity in today’s society, and the business world is responding. The damaging hacks that have permeated society have severely affected the corporate world, and as a result, the topic has become even more necessary.

According to Paul Mampilly’s co-speaker, Jeff Yastine, the changes actually began more than a decade and a half ago, which he discussed at length during last year’s symposium. Jeff discussed how, some of those who are in the nucleus of the issue, have been focusing on the cyber intrusions and detecting them as they occur. The result has been strengthening encrypted data. Jeff’s background is in finance journalism, and he has interviewed top investors such as Warren Buffet, Steve Ballmer, and Sir Richard Branson.

The attendees of the symposium will be privileged to the best investment ideas that can be extracted from some of the best financial experts in the business. They will have access to information for learning how to accomplish 1,000 percent returns when investing in the technology sector. There are three trends that are planned for discussion, among the technology experts, that are predicted to explode in the years to come. One of the technology analysts will even discuss how he is able to gain a return of 1,800 percent.

In addition to Paul Mampilly and Jeff Yastine, other 2018 Total Wealth Symposium speakers will include; Ted Bauman, editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock and the Plan B Club, Ian King, a cryptocurrency trader, and Matt Badiali, a Professor of Geology, who had tenure at the University of North Carolina and Duke University. All attendees of the event will have an opportunity to meet the guest speakers and also discuss the specifics of how to make their first millions. See more: