In life, change is inevitable, and every situation comes with its challenges or successes eventually. In a business set up, change comes in as a way of finding new business ideas that could be useful to the growth of the company. Besides, the same change can be a helpful factor especially in recruiting new talent. Like in the case of Banco Bradesco, change has been a positive move towards electing a new president that will serve diligently. This is not to mean that the retired president, Brandao de Mello was not a visionary leader. In fact, he was one of the most admired leaders in the banking industry at his time. However, since he served for decades, he felt that he had worked for Banco Bradesco for quite some time and it was right to allow a different pool of talent to take over.

The Preview

In his perspective, this new talent would come up with revolutionary ideas to lead the employees and clients of Banco Bradesco towards excellence. At the same time, Brandao de Mello was particular about applying internal recruitment to find a new leader who would serve as president. For him, electing a president from the already existing pool of talent was a move towards excellence because the chosen leader was already acquainted with how the bank operates.

Trabuco’ Election

While stepping down, Lazaro de Mello asked Luiz Carlos Trabuco Bradesco to take over the leadership roles at that moment until when the bank would elect a different leader. That is how Trabuco Bradesco settled in as the president for a few months. Since he had been serving at the bank for decades as well, Trabuco Bradesco was already aware of what was required of him. Therefore, he implemented new leadership ideas to guide employees alongside managing the new docket of leadership that he was asked to oversee for some time.

The Outline

Next in the line of appointment was Octavio de Lazari who previously worked in different capacities including serving as the vice president, a position he still holds. As the new president of the bank, a lot is expected of him. However, since he has been holding executive positions for decades, being a president was not going to dull his day. On the contrary, it was going to allow him to prove his worth as a leader. From the roles Trabuco Bradesco has played in the succession of Brandao de Mello, it goes without saying that he is a diligent, visionary leader.