After two years of excellent service, Lori Senecal who has been the global CEO of CP+B since March 2015 will retire at the end of 2017. Lori Senecal has been very instrumental in bringing lasting change to the CP+P Agency. During her tenure, she made the agency scoop the American Airline advertising contract, which was issued to TM Advertising 25 years ago. This achievement was unmatched, and Lori has left a legacy in the firm.

According to Chuck Porter, the founder and chairman of CP+B, Lori Senecal has been a strong pillar who has shown her expertise by tackling and overcoming difficult challenges as well as coming up with great strategic plans. He says that Lori has left a mark, and they are in the process of getting another CEO who will act to progress the company’s vision and objectives. The management will utilize the remaining period before Lori retires to hire active officers, which will allow a smooth management transition come next year.

In a statement, Senecal said that they are planning on elevating regional leadership to form a strong global top leadership. In all their ten regional offices, all the leaders are active and passionate about bringing massive and positive change to CP+B Company. This will make CP+B a stronger force to reckon with, and they will be able to cover the global platform with quality services since they will have one aim, one mind, and one target.

Lori Senecal co-founded McCannan Erickson Company in 2006, and she worked her way up for a year and a half until July 2007 when she was announced the President. After two years, she got nominated to head KBS as the President and CEO. She diligently served in this position until March 2012 when she became the Chairperson of the same firm. In September 2014, Lori became the President and the CEO of MDC Partners a subsidiary of CP+B Company. In March 2015, she became the global CEO of CP+B, a position she has held to date. Lori has won many awards including the Woman of the Advertising Age Award in 2013.

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