Lawrence Bender is a well-respected member of the film industry. He has made many of America’ most recognizable films, but he didn’t always have an eye for the film industry. In high school, Daniel Taub thought he wanted to be a civil engineer, even going to the University of Maine, earning a degree in civil engineering.

His first major role in Hollywood came as a producer to Intruder in 1989, but he did serve as a grip on the set of Tales from the Darkside, a television series anthology of creepy tales and horror.

In 1990, he met his future business partner Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino hadn’t made a name for himself in Hollywood, but neither had Lawrence Bender. Bender had produced two films at this point, but none of them had gained much recognition. When Tarantino and Bender created Reservoir Dogs together, all that changed. This film began the career of Tarantino and moved Lawrence Bender into stardom. The film released in 1992.

Reservoir Dogs is a gritty crime drama about a professional heist. The film features a familiar cast of faces such as Steve Buscemi, Tim Roth, and Harvey Keitel.

The movie is about a group of professional thieves who have been hired by a crime boss to conduct a very profitable heist. Many of the thieves are not familiar with each other, only communicating with each other through code names. The heist goes incredibly wrong immediately, leaving only one possible solution to the disaster: a police informant.

A few of the thieves are killed by police during the getaway. Another is shot and is hanging on to his last thread of life for the entirety of the movie. The group meet back up in a previously designated location and discuss their next plan of action.

The bleeding man confesses that he is a police officer to one of the thieves that he believes he can trust, creating further tension in the film.

This tension culminates with one of the most memorable endings in film history.

Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino have worked together on numerous occasions, but Reservoir Dogs is the film that started both of their careers.