Amazon has been sitting in the driver’s seat for so long in the women’s apparel niche, commanding over 20 percent of the sales year after year. As impressive as those numbers, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has done $250 million in sales and appears to be blazing a trail all their own. The way that Fabletics is growing, it could bridge the gap to Amazon and take the lead in short order if no one is paying attention.


Hudson was asked to talk a little about how her company has exploded on the scene and gotten so many women excited about purchasing high-quality workout apparel. Although women are falling over themselves to get this athleisure brand, they are loving the overall buying experience even more. Take a look at a typical day down at the Fabletics store at the local mall, women lined up to grab their membership, try on the newest arrivals in workout gear, and even take the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz. This is more of a pampering than buying experience, and many women leave after window-shopping with nothing from the store.


How is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics soaring to $250 million in sales doing business this way?


The reason Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is making huge revenues all comes down to the buying experience at the e-commerce store. As a member of the Fabletics family, you have all those items that you tried on in the store moved to your online profile. The benefit here is that you already know how the apparel fits when shopping online, so you can add other styles, colors, or the latest arrivals. The member benefits include sale pricing, free shipping on any online orders, and even the help of your very own Fabletics personal shopper. This shopping assistant reads your quiz answers and places one item into your cart every month for you to consider.


Women are falling in love with the entire shopping process at Fabletics because they know what they are getting from the start. Compared to shopping at Amazon, you have to buy a piece and hope when it finally arrives that it fits or you return it back to Amazon over and over until you get it right. No guesswork or pressure at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and this is why women don’t buy one piece, they grab a half-dozen pieces of high-quality active-wear and go from being just another visitor to a Fabletics loyal customer.