In addition to her successes in the wine world, Julia Jackson is passionate about her charitable foundation, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. Named after Cambria Estates, one of the many wine brands owned by her family’s Jackson Family Wines, this charity works to empower women all over the world. The foundation works with other nonprofits and provides grant funds to those that are doing important work helping women to succeed. Julia is a graduate of Scripps College and has also pursued graduate work at Standford University’s business school. Now that she has completed her education, including time spent in Bordeaux, France learning more about winemaking, she is back working with her family.

Jackson’s main role with Jackson Family Wines is the spokesperson for the company. She is a great fit for the position due to her strong knowledge of winemaking as well as her passion for the industry. Her latest project of passion is bringing the Cabernet varietal to a more prominent position in the Sonoma growing region. She believes that this grape is very well suited for the growing conditions in Sonoma and is working to increase its use in the wines produced in the area. Julia believes that it deserves a place next to the ever popular Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs of the area. Visit for more info.

Winemaking is something that Julia has been involved with since her childhood when she would pick grapes while walking through the vineyards next to her father, the late Jess Jackson. Her passion continues to grow as she learns more about the business each day and becomes more involved with many facets of Jackson Family Wines. Julia Jackson will continue to champion Vérité La Joie, the Cabernet heavy wine that is a Bordeaux blend, and that Jackson Family Wines produces. She is always someone interesting to watch.