Many investment advisors have studied theories on economic forces and their potential impact on the market and given their clients investment advice based on that. Igor Cornelsen has a different perspective. He has spent decades leading some of the world’s largest and most powerful banks and businesses.

This gives him unique insights into the ways businesses are impacted by economic forces. He bases the investment advice he gives to clients on what he knows banks and other types of businesses will do. This type of insider information has made him arguably Brazil’s most successful investment advisor.

But while Cornelsen is known by many as a font of wisdom when it comes to investing in Brazil, international companies like the American fast food giant Burger King also come to him because they respect and prize the general investment advice he has to offer. Igor Cornelsen also offers his guidance to the average investor through his new company the Bainbridge Group Incorporated.

This gives investors access to one of the world’s most respected investment advisors and allows Cornelsen to share his valuable insights like he has done for decades. This helps investors overcome the challenges of deciding the best company in which to invest.

Cornelsen’s experience and unique insights have helped countless people to make money investing in Brazil and other markets around the world. He shares effective advice for long-term success like investing early, developing a diversified portfolio and quickly getting rid of losing stocks.

Using these basic principles have helped the clients he advises to rake in consistent profits over the long haul.

That’s because Cornelsen has a clear understanding of the processes involved in leading a company to success so he know what to look for before encouraging people to invest in a company.

Having a grizzled veteran like Igor Cornelsen share valuable information on identifying companies poised to succeed can make complex investment decisions a lot easier.

It is a formula Cornelsen has used for many years to help both new and experienced investors to make money in Brazil as well as in a range of international markets.

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