Hussain Sajwani is the brain behind the successful real estate company, DAMAC Properties. Hussain contends that after he graduated from the prestigious University of Washington, he was recruited by GASCO to render his services as the contracts manager. He executed his duties professionally. However, he saw an opportunity and seized it. He quit working for the subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company to establish his own venture. Hussain says that he incorporated a catering company, which managed to secure a long-term contract with the US army. This way, he worked with the army in Bosnia, the Gulf and Somalia. In addition, Sajwani was able to hone his management and leadership skills by working closely with successful companies such as Bechtel.


Hussain Sajwani says that he ventured into the Dubai real estate industry after the government allowed foreigners to invest in the same. This way, he incorporated DAMAC Company. The corporation moved with speed to identify new undeveloped location. After purchasing a piece of land, he developed a good plan of constructing a 38-story residential apartment. However, even before Sajwani had started the actual construction, several potential homeowners had purchased different units. This demand promoted him to expand DAMAC’s operations to various countries in the Middle East.


DAMAC Group has achieved much success in developing luxury, residential and commercial buildings. The growth of the company is correlated with the transformative leadership of Hussain Sajwani. DAMAC Group has been succeeding in exceeding the expectations of its clients by working with talented employees and the right development partners.


On different occasions, Hussain Sajwani family has met with the Trumps. Notably, Hussain and President Trump worked together to ensure the successful completion of the Trump International Golf Course. From this project the two shrewd entrepreneurs made huge profits after they sold several luxury villas. During his speech at the New Year’s Eve celebration, President Trump praised the DAMAC owner and his family together with the many entrepreneurs who had graced the occasion.


For many years, Hussain Sajwani has been engaging in various community initiatives. The philanthropist is passionate about giving back to the community. In the recent past, he donated huge sums of money towards an initiative seeking to provide a million children with clothes.


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