It was 30 years ago this week that the infamous stock market crash of 1987 occurred. Black Monday happened on October 19 of that year. The Dow collapsed by 508 points, or almost 23%. Black Monday to this day stands as the largest market decline in just one day that has ever occurred.

One of the people that well remembers this day is Alexander Green, the chief investment strategist for The Oxford Club. At that time he had been a stockbroker. As he recalls the people on the floor of the exchange couldn’t nearly match all of the sell orders with people who were looking to buy. Soon every company on the exchanges were plunging no matter how well the company had been doing. To this day nobody really knows what set this plunge in the markets off.

The Oxford Club that Alexander Green is a part of is a private network of entrepreneurs and investors. It is a worldwide organization that was founded in 1989. The team at The Oxford Club has built an investment system which has shown to be able to give results that consistently beat the market. The Oxford Club offers recommendations of when to buy and sell a variety of financial assets. This includes stocks, bonds, collectibles, currencies, commodities, real estate, and others.

The educational arm of The Oxford Club is known as Investment U. They offer a financial education website that is independently operated. The information that they provide can be acquired via video, online courses, and conferences that are held on a regular basis. The goal of The Oxford Club is to offer people a way to achieve financial freedom through the accumulation of wealth. The premium version of the daily email they send out is the version that offers The Oxford Club’s stock recommendations.