There is nothing that is more inspiring than seeing an entrepreneur take a company out of the gutters and create a resounding success out of it. It is this fete that National Steel Car’s CEO and President, Gregory James Aziz, has achieved. The company is currently the leading supplier of freight and railroad transportation accessories in the entire Northern America region. Here is what you may not know about National Steel Car, and Greg Aziz, the man who has built the company to the current success level that it is enjoying.


Greg Aziz was born in 1949. He is also a native of Hamilton, Ontario, the hometown of National Steel Car. Greg went to school and graduated from the University of Ontario, with a bachelor’s degree in economics. After he graduated, he took time and worked in the businesses that his family has set up. Greg James Aziz was able to reorganize the food distribution chain and make it a local and international success. At this point, he decided to leave Canada for an employment opportunity in New York. He worked for various financial companies in the country before he went back home and made an offer to the management of National Steel Car at the time, Dofasco.


The National Steel Car had been operating in Ontario for more than 100 years. They had specialized in railways and freight-related products. When he took over at the company, the production had gone down so much that they were only making 3,000 cars in a year. However, by the end of his first five years with the company, he had managed to raise the production to more than 12,000 cars. Greg Aziz also expanded the company’s employee base from a mere 600 to more than 3000.


These are the expansion strategies that led to the company clinching the top position in its niche in the region. One thing that forms the great work ethic at National Steel Car is the manner in which they support the community where they operate. Some of the charities that they support include the local Opera, the Salvation Army, and a few other local charities. This all-round success is one of the reasons that have made them get their ISO certification. The company holds a Christmas party at the end of every year, which brings together people from the entire local community. Greg personally sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair together with his wife.

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