Gregory J Aziz is the CEO and President National Steel Car, a leader in railroad freight car engineering and manufacturing firm which is based in Hamilton Ontario. Mr. Greg Aziz was born on the 30th, of April 1949 in London. He schooled at Ridley College then pursued Economics in the University of Western Ontario. After school, he joined his family business in 1971, Affiliated Foods, a dealer in wholesale food. With his guidance and the other family members, the business grew over the next 16 years becoming a global company and big force in distributing food to major wholesale customers in Eastern Canada and the U.S.


In the late 1980s and the early 90s, Greg James worked on different investment banking ventures. He later managed to buy the National Steel Car in 1994. His aim to make the firm the best in North America regarding railroad freight producer came to fruition. With Greg’s emphasis in the company’s strong engineering background, team-building and substantial capital and human resource investment, National Steel Car’s production capacity have tremendously increased to 12, 000 cars a year from the mere 3,500 cars at the time of its purchase. Its employee base has also grown from 600 to 3000 over the same period. Visit This Page for related information.


The cornerstone of the success of the company is its people who have dedicated their careers to ensuring that they develop America’s best railway transport industry. The company has very dynamic, innovative, diverse and value-driven railway solutions. With over a century of experience in excellent engineering and manufacturing and commitment to quality services, National Steel Car has become America’s leading tank car and railroad manufacturer.


National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car company in North America which is certified by ISO 9001:2008. It has also been honored consistently by TTX SECO quality award. In the latest major deal, the company was selected by Canpotex to manufacture about 700 railcars for the safe transportation of potash. The deal is worth $70 million.

Under the stewardship of James Greg, National Steel Car is highly committed to uplifting its community and has sponsored many projects in Hamilton. In its recognition of its present and past employees, every year, these employees and their families attend a Christmas Party, which is organized by National Steel Car to contribute food to the local community food banks.


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