As National Steel Car CEO, Greg James Aziz has always had to lead. How? He has already been recognized for his superior managerial skills and has pursued the railroad and engineering culture, taking National Steel Car to greater and greater heights.

National Steel Car is one of the most well-known railroad manufacturing and engineering companies, with its central headquarters located in Hamilton, Ontario. What sets Aziz apart from the crowd of other CEOs of big companies, is that he has made tremendous achievements through employees and the staff he leads at National Steel Car. He fights for equality and better treatment for his employees. Visit This Page for more information.


Aziz has worked to reach the success he has found. Tirelessly, he has managed to build on of the most impressive railroad and engineering empires in the world. Born in 1949, this entrepreneur came from London, attending Ridley College and the University of West Ontario.

Aziz has developed the reputation of taking an old and dying business and turning it around, making it achieve within a few years’ time. After graduating from school, he went on to manage Affiliated Foods, joining the family business in 1971. After more than a decade with Affiliated Foods, Aziz was able to turn his family owned business into one of the largest fresh products and goods companies from Europe, Central and South America in the world.


Affiliated Foods has continually done well in its international business, serving as a lead food distribution company across many countries. In addition to Affiliated Foods success, Gregory J Aziz also worked as a banker throughout the 1980s and 1990s. His company National Steel Car was purchased during this period, where he immediately focused his efforts on ensuring human and capital investment for his newly bought enterprise. It should also be noted that Aziz has incurred employees with persuasive engineering capabilities and improved and increased team building.


Aziz continues to promote his National Steel Car employees over himself. As their leader, he gives his employees the credit for helping build the railroad and engineering empire. From day one, Aziz has been made of leadership qualities that helped him achieve great success with his company. More entrepreneurs could learn a valuable lesson from how Aziz miraculously rose to the top of his game after working in banking and the family business. Thanks to leaders like Gregory James Aziz, entrepreneurs all over the world can look at his success and make a pathway for themselves.


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