Fortress Investment Group is a company that exemplifies financial leadership, and credibility in the areas of alternative asset investing and management. Financial guru, Peter Briger, is currently Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger has a very impressive history of brokering important business deals domestically, and internationally. Briger was hired by Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and took decisive action by building Fortress’ real estate and securities business. At the time that Fortress Investment Group hired him as their Principal and Co-Chairman at Fortress, they were contemplating a move away from a core business that involved equities.In 2015, Peter Briger built a team at Fortress that raised $4.7 billion for the fund, “Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV.” Because of Peter Briger’s experience in relevant areas of finance that could be valuable to Fortress, the company was able to reap big returns by working with alternative and non-performing assets.

These two groups of asset classes were a key part of the long-term plan and strategy for Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger and Fortress made the timely decision to purchase these alternative and non-performing assets at a discount at the time the company purchased them.One of the reasons why Peter Briger is in such strong demand, and is a valuable human asset at Fortress Investment Group is because Briger knows how to take calculated risks by buying many of the alternative assets available at a cheap prices, then selling them back at a later time, when the markets are willing to buy them back at a higher rate. Briger has an impressive record in terms of timing the markets and making the right business moves. Many of these moves have earned Briger and his company big returns from the distressed assets that he and Fortress had decided to buy over the years. Briger has had quite a bit of experience in this niche financial sector, before joining Fortress Investment Group.Before working for Fortress Investment group, Peter Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs, and Co., 10 plus years, before making Partner in 1996 at Goldman.

During this time as a Partner at Goldman, Sachs, and Co., Peter Briger sat on different committees, some of which included the Global Control and Compliance Committee, the Asian Management Committee, the Japanese Executive Committee.As part of his leadership role as Partner at Goldman, Sachs, and Co., Peter Briger chose to create a unique and talented group of people. This group that Briger put together made up a bigger part of his Special Situations Group. It was noted that Peter Briger and the Special Situations Group were the main sources for Goldman, Sach, and Co’s revenue stream at the time when the markets were reeling — right at the beginning of the start of 2000. Because of Peter Briger’s financial acumen, educational background, and wise investing at key times, Goldman, Sachs, and Co., remained.Peter Briger has an impressive educational background. In addition to completing his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, he earned a bachelor’s degree in 1986 from Princeton University.