When he was out of the University of Peteado Fundacao Foundation, he had no idea of what he would become in future. While he took upon pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University, he had no idea he would become the president of one of the biggest Company in Brazil. According to his vision, Flavio Maluf is voted as one of the greatest directors serving in Eucatex Group of Companies. When he finished studying in Fundacao Penteado University based in Sao Paulo, he attained the credentials to study at the University of New York. He pursued a certification in Business Administration while he was studying, he also got the rarest opportunity to exercise his skills in the United States before coming back to Brazil.

Flavio attained the full credentials to join the corporate business world in Brazil after studying in New York. He acceded to the family business in 1987 and started working in the trade section of the company. During his trajectory to the top, he worked at various departments of Eucatex to understand how business is conducted in the country. For this reason, he would become the best manager of Eucatex Group of Companies. He also went forward to join the working partners at the manufacturing department where he rendered his services without fear or favor. For more than one decade, he served as a junior member of the company getting instructions from his seniors. Because he was one of the most obedient and productive members of the company, his uncle extended an invitation to have him join the executive board of directors of the company in 1996.

During a family meeting that year, Flavio Maluf was appointed the next president of the company following a unanimous decision to endorse him as president of Eucatex Group of Companies. Because he was one of the quickest learners in the company, he ascended to the top without much design. When he became the president, he commenced his rule by modernizing the management section of the company through indicating each worker to a particular leader. For all the workers, they had a reporting senior who would evaluate their functions.