Bernardo Chua is one of the most successful corporate leaders. He and Organo Gold continues to innovate so that that they can maintain their cutting-edge health solutions, as their inclusion of Grapeseed oil showcases.

The success of the athletes is determined by the new sources of healthy energy, and Organo continues to transform with health and science, as we continue to gain knowledge about how human body function. The most important aspect is to improve how the human body can perform at its highest level.

Bernardo Chua started a reward for the Organo Gold, a program known as the Preferred Customer Program. The program is meant to reward the most loyal clients, by providing a 25% discount on all products that are associated with the Organo Gold coffee and other products that are associated with Organo Gold.

Chua has risen from being small time employee in the Philippines to a very successful global entrepreneur. He has utilized his experience and unique business strategies to build his firm Organo Gold to the level that it is today.

Bernardo has worked hard to ensure that create a channel for success that many people can utilize. He wants to make sure that many people are successful as him.

Bernardo Chua is a marketing expert who founded the Organo Gold in 2008 in Vancouver. The company operation started in British Columbia in Canada. A company that began with only three employees has grown into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

The firm can be found in more than 35 countries with thousands of employees and independent distributors. Before he started his company, Bernardo was an employee of the Gano Excel that is located in the Philippines. He moved to California in 2003 to manage Gano Excel USA.

A Philippines native, he understands the health benefits and impact of the Ganoderma lucidium herb. Ganoderma lucidium herb is an ingredient that makes up the products produced by Gano Excel. On his Facebook page, Bernardo stated that he had a different vision that involves its use in beverages like coffee and tea.

His YouTube speech talked about how his company sponsors OG Cares Foundation that improves the lives of young men and women worldwide to make them better leaders.

Bernardo Chua speeches and mentoring that educates how to make a positive impact on a greater scale. Chuo is a leader who want to make a positive impact around the world.