Gregory James Aziz is the chairman of National steel car which is the world’s biggest producer of railroad cars; the company is located in Hamilton, Ontario. James Aziz did Economic at the Western University of Ontario, where he later joined his parents in selling fresh food which then became the world’s biggest raw food wholesale importer. After he gained experience when working for investment banks, he bought the Steel Car Company from Dofasco in 1994.





When Gregory James Aziz took over the freight car company, he showed the need of engineering in the car industry and have an excellent team building skills he grew the company together with his investment and capital generation knowledge. In one-year span, he became the company from three thousand five hundred cars to twelve thousand vehicles which made him increase his employees from six hundred to three thousand.





Every year, Gregory J Aziz’s company manufactures new cars at the same time, it builds new railroad freight. With its distinguished honor, it has sponsored Salvation Army, Hamilton Opera, and many other charities. Every Christmas they hold a Christmas fair which is meant to share love and unity with the community and the other funds go to the food bank which caters to the needy. He and his wife are sponsors of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada.



Customer Relationship


With Aziz’s innovation and dynamic values, he has won TTX SECO award for more than a decade for making high-quality railcars which are always delivered on time. With a great relationship with customers and loyalty, the company has two thousand employees who are dedicated to providing the best railcar to the firm.



Investment and Employment


The company has spent more than five hundred million US dollars in making new railcar which has created job opportunities since 1999. It has produced world’s most prominent petroleum rail which has seen the reduction of accidents and destruction of property. He has invested in making quality rails and cars which are environmentally friendly, and other car makers trust his brand.

Being the current CEO since 1994, he aims at making people around him happy; it’s seen by the charity organization he sponsors and the numerous awards he has won. His machines are of high quality and have been certified by many organizations. The food drive held every year is aimed at helping children’s homes and other charity organizations. Go To This Page for more information.